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Our Conversation...

And so it continues

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My name's Amanda, I'm a 16 year old Californian stuck in the midwest for the time-being, I obsess easily and am quite a geek. I love history in all forms; my passion for that rivaled only by my love of music.

This journal use to be something of a "fangirl" one, but then decided that I'm going to kick myself when in 10 years I look back at this and all I see are posts with icons and talk about how hot so and so was in his new movie. The icons are being moved to a new journal (soon to be linked here), but there will always be fangirl posts now and then. They are apart of me. Heh.

Friending; Well, obviously I'm not going to add you back or grant you access if I like, hate you. But I'm sure I don't, so we're okay. I'd prefer we have some interests in common - why friend someone if you don't? - and that we be regular commenters.

Icons and Tutorials; Any icons made by me that you see on this journal or on my art and icon journal - golden_art are up for grabs unless I specifically say "Don't take these!" Please read the rules and credit first, however.

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