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Our Conversation...
And so it continues
*turns attention to VC fansite* GAH MUST FINISH.
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Episode III footage!


Link on the latest update here ... See how I managed a plug in the middle of my pure joy?

*explodes again*
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Ahh, okay, I decided to write about it anyway. Because I am bored.

So, first off, I found my old blog...MoreCollapse )

On a lighter note! Had a really fun time today. We went to Anna's house and dyed her hair. It was supposed to come out black, but it turned up brown. Which is fine, because it looks awesome on her. It's not just a regular brown. Sort of auburnish with nice natural highlights.

Too bad it's gonna washout in a week!

We also watched Moulin Rouge. God, I frelling love that movie. Kylie had never seen it before, but myself, Kevin and Anna had. Again : God, I frelling love that movie lol We all rejoiced, and much fun was to be had ... after we had a little cry over the end. It's so artistically heartbreaking. God Bless you, Baz.

AND THEN! We watched Interview with the Vampire. ... Louis is so pretty. I really didn't like him in that book (though I'm very fond of him in all the ones after), but I adore him in the movie. Lestat's so good at being bad *points to icon*. They were IwtV virgins, so it was quite the experience. Bwhahaha. Kevin agreed to read the books, which means I have now converted everyone I know to Ricean/Lestatish glory.
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Ahh, today was fun. I'm far too tired to blog about it right now, but I'm putting this here so I'll remember to do it tomorrow.


[memo to self] - change icons.
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Turned in book report over "The Tale of the Body Thief" today. Twas 9 pages long, heard the bitch (aka my teacher) was going to mark off points after 7 pages (even though she'd never said anything about length!), spent 70 minutes retyping, kiling my hands, and shortening to 6 pages during Computer Graphics.

Want. To. Die.

Ah well, atleast it's over! lol

Why...what's that! Ohhh, is that my newly completed Episode III site that needs various submissions? OH BUT IT IS! *pluggity plug plug*

And now I shall play Sims, for I have been neglecting my Sim!Remus and Sim!Erik and other various people I've inserted into the game just so my Sim alter ego can have a go at them.
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You know what happens when you're in 11th grade and your English teacher is a soul crushing idiot who thinks it's cool to give you 5 bazillion projects to do at once? Livejournal suffers.

... While doing one of said projects, my friends and I ran across an Emerson quote that said "You shall have joy, or you shall have power, said God; you shall not have both" and I - being the little egotistical thing that I am - said that I already do have both (me also being the absolute ruler of said group: it's common fact lol). We got onto the subject of what it would be like if I started ruling with an iron fist. "Would you stay?" I asked.

Ooh, poor misguided fools, twas unanimous that they wouldn't have the ability to leave me! What will they do when I've gone back to California? WOE IS THE FUTURE! ;)

Sin City ; What I learned and Oh-My-God-What-Is-The-World-Coming-To-When-Elijah-Wood-Scares-You-Shitless?Collapse )
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Pimp Time : Italian History FL ; An Eternity of This (phantom fic) FL ; Augustus Caesar FL ; Demeter FL.

Go, join and be merry! I had meant to plug a few of the older ones a while back but forgot. I think I'll make the collective today, and then finish the upcoming Merlin one tomorrow - then I shall be done with my fanlistings! (untill I can't help myself and I apply/adopt more). WOE IS ME.

Speaking of sites, I'm really debating which fansite I want to start first. I don't think I could build both of the at the same time - it'd take forever! And so now some rambling to help me sort out my thoughts ...
Star Wars or Vampire Chronicles?Collapse )
Sigh. Aidez-moi!

Oooh, speaking of. There was Star Wars partying, and it was good!
The Adventures in GeekdomeCollapse )
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You scored a Stag...Collapse )

How cool is that? I'm frelling Prongs. Bwahah!
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Spring Break! Yesssssssss. Ahh, let us just have a moment of silence to revel in it's greatness. ... Seems as though I'm the last one to get on break out of all of my friends. WOE IS ME AND MY CRAPTACULAR SCHOOL.

This journal really needs a layout. The simplicity I once saught out now is driving me mad. ... I think a Star Wars layout is in order, that way I can keep it up for a good two months. Must also make domain and collective layouts, note to self.

I hate it when people get all up in my grill...Collapse )

Star Wars!Wal-Mart trip tomorrow. Yay.
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Mkay, so it's time for me to make a to-do list so I don't go insane!

Things I Must AccomplishCollapse )

What's this Saturday and Sunday? Star Wars weekend at Wal-Mart! Squee.
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